Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Paralympics Day

At The Start Of Term 3 Kauri 12/11 and Kauri 8/9 Joined Up Together To Have A Paralympic Day. All The Kauri Young Leaders Had A Job, Most Of The Jobs Were To Run A Paralympic Sport. EveryOne Was Put Into A Country And The Countries Were Split Into 2 Teams So For E.g Ireland 1 And Ireland 2. All The Teams Had A Turn At All The Sports. While All The Young Leaders Were Running The Games I Had The Job To Take Photos. I Think I Done Very Well At My Job Considering People Were Getting Distracted By The Camera. Out Of Every Event There Was My Favourite Would Be The Scooter Football. Scooter Football Is A Game Where You Are On A Scooter And You Have To Try And Play Soccer On A Scooter. I Think If I Was Playing It Would Have Been Very Challenging To Control The Scooter While Your Playing Soccer. I Think All The Teams Did Very Well At All The Events They Had. All The Teams Were Very Encouraging To Their Team Mates.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Charlotte Harrison

Charlotte Harrison is A National New Zealand Field Hockey player for the womens black sticks.

Charlotte Has Competed in the new zealand hockey team, Including for the team in the 2012 summer olympics and the 2010 and 2006 commonwealth games.

Charlotte was First selected for the black sticks in October 2005 of her performance for the northland National Hockey team That year making her the youngest ever player selected of the black sticks at only the age of 16.

Charlotte Played in the field as a Striker.

Charlotte Harrison Was Born in Palmerston North New Zealand On the 31st of July 1989 Which makes her 26 years old.

Charlotte Harrison Weighs 55kgs.

Her Height is 1m And 67 cm.

Charlotte Harrison has a Younger Sister Named Samantha Harrison.

Charlotte Harrison's Shirt Number is #23.

Has Charlotte Ever Played Ice- Hockey ?

How Many Gold Medals has Charlotte Harrison Won In Her past games ?

How Was Charlotte Harrison's Childhood like ?

Did Charlotte Play Hockey While she Was Growing UP ?

How Often does Charlotte Train ?

Has Charlotte Harrison Ever meet Any Other Olympic Hockey Players Other Than her Team ?  

Has The Black Sticks Played in the 2012 Summer Olympics ?

How Long Does the Hockey game go for ?

How Long Does The Hockey Game go for ?
The Hockey Games Usually Goes for About An 1 Hour and 10 Minutes.

Has The Black Sticks Played In The 2012 Summer Olympics ?
Yes the Black Sticks Have Played in The 2012 Summer Olympics.


WALT ask open ended questions and write full answers.
Q :What are Pictographs?
A : A pictorial symbol for a word or phrase.Pictographs were used as the earliest of writing examples having been discovered in Egypt and mesopotamia from before 3000 BC.
Q :  Why do we use Pictographs ?  
A : A Pictograph uses Symbols to Represent a Amount of Data But in the Olympic Case Pictographs are used for the different sports in The olympics
Q : What Does The 5 Olympic rings mean ?
A :The five ringed symbol of the Olympic games.The 5 rings Overlapping rings coloured blue,yellow,black,green & red on a white background.The 5 rings represent 5 continents Africa,Asia,America Europe & Australia  
Q:Why do We Have The Olympics ?
A: The Olympics Is A International Competition Between Countries. It is held Every Four Years So That Each Nation  Of the world Can See and Celebrate Their Greatest Athletes.
Q: Who Found The Modern Olympics ?
A :  pierre de Coubertin in 1912 Found the Modern Olympics
Q: What was the first Pictogram?
Q: Where are the 2024 Olympics held?
A: Los Angeles
Q: What does the Egyptian Pictograms Look like
Q: What is the 2024 Olympic Logo Look Like?
2024 Pictograms
Q: What is The 2024 Pictograms Going to look like?

Olympic Rings Logo

How we made our olympic rings

For Your PBL This Term Our Focus Was Olympics. We All Had The Choice To Do A Project Based On The Olympics. Caitlin and I Choose to Desiced To Make The 2024 Olympic Rings.  The Coliseum Represents Rome. The Roman Numerals Also Represent Rome. Our 5 Rings Represent The 5 Continents, Africa, Asia, America Europe & Australia.
The Steps On How We Made It
What You Will Need
  • Paper Plates
  • Paint
  • Pencils
  • Sicssors
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Area To Do Your Rings

  1. First We Made The Five Rings By Drawing A Line Around The Area Of The Plate.
  2. After Doing That To 5 Plates We Cut The Center Of The Plastic Plates Out So We Are Left With The Perimeter.
  3. Then we Painted The Five Rings With These Five Colors Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Pink And Light Purple.
  4. We Let The Paint To Dry And Went To do One Last Coat.
  5. After Our Last Coat We Connected Them Altogether With Tape, The First 3 Rings We Done Was Light Blue, Pink And Yellow The Bottom Two Colours Are Dark Blue And Light Purple.
  6. When We Were Finished Connecting The Rings Together We Drew The Coliseum Onto Cardboard Cut It out and Then Painted It Three Colours Red, Green and White And Taped It The The Bottom Of The Olympic Rings
  7. Last Step We done Was We Drew Out In Roman Numerals 2024 And Taped This To The Center Of The Rings.


Lake- Something That Helped Me Was My Collaboration Muscle. Because It Helped Me To Collaborate With My Partner While Building The Olympic Rings. Something That Also Helped Me Was My Managing Distractions Muscle When Other People Were Distracting Me.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Calendar Art

Sep 2, 2016 12:14:03 PM.jpg
Calender Art
Today We Done Calender Art, Our Theme Was Nature With Korus. I Done Two Korus One Down In The Left Corner And One Up In the Right Corner.

Something That Was Hard: Something That Was Hard For Me Was Trying Not To Smudge The The Colours Together.

What Was The Easiest Thing : Something That Was Easy For Me Was Drawing The Patterns In the Background.

What Is  Something You Are Most Proud  Of: I am Really Proud Of The Outer Area Of The Kours Because The Pattern On The Outside Of The Kours Was A Plat Pattern That Goes All Around The 2 Kours.

Friday, August 19, 2016

P.E Reflection

Blind Throw
Today We Played A game of Blind Throw. Blind Throw is a Game Held In the Paralympics. This Game is for People In the Paralympics That Cant see As Well as Other people. 
In this Task We Learnt How to Listen to each other And Trust each Other, While our team Directs you in the way you need to throw The bean Bag.I Think As a Learner Playing this game the Teachers Taught as very Well they gave Clear and Straight Instructions.  As well as Great Encouragement. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How A Car Works / Explanation

How a car works
Key Words:
  • Car
  • Vehicle
  • Body
  • Transportation
  • Two windows
  • Tiny boot
  • Foldover roof
  • Engine  
  • Steering wheel
  • Lights

Sentences for car
  • A Vehicle is something that can move without something or someone pulling it.

  • This Moving object is transportation.

  • A steering wheel is at the front of the car, it steers the car in any Direction you Want to go.

  • Lights help you drive in the dark without light you could possibly crash.

  • Wheels are something that help move the car.

  • A car has a body.

  • Different cars can have a foldover Roof, like this car so when it's raining you can pull the roof over so you don't get wet.

  • This old fashioned car only has two windows.

  • Cars can have 4 or more wheels, this car has 5 Wheels one for a spare wheel.

  • A door on a car is used so you can stay inside the car.  


Explanation- how a car works.
A Vehicle  is transportation. A car is Transportation, Transportation means Something that can take you places you want to go.
Cars are a Vehicle A Vehicle is something that can move without something or someone pulling or pushing it.

First, a car has wheels, wheels turn around and around and is controlled by the driver in the car. A steering wheel is a circular shape which makes it easier so turn the car in the direction like left, right and straight ahead.

All cars and Different Vehicles have lights, If cars did not have lights it is very possible that you would either crash or hit something or someone. Lights are bright which make it easier to see in the dark while driving.  

Doors are on the side of the car it is shaped in a rectangular shape,
To open the door there is a handle you pull the handle to open the door to walk into the car.

Next this car has a fold over fold over roof. The fold over roof is so when it is raining you can pulled it over and when the day is nice and sunny you can leave it down or close it.